The concept

Do you pay more for the extra distance when someone is picked up during my ride?

No. You pay for your shortest route. This amount is agreed in advance and is fixed.

Does Abel comply to all laws and regulations?

Absolutely. Our drivers and cars have all the necessary permits and insurance.

For which phones are Abel’s services available?

Abel is available for both iPhone (iOS 9 and higher) as Android (4.4 and higher).

How far will the driver deviate from my ideal route to pickup someone else?

Your arrival time window is displayed during the booking process and we adhere to that window. We will only add others to your ride if it we can keep our promise on your delivery time window.

I found a bug in your app!

Error-free software does not exist. But we do our best to fix all bugs. If you’ve found a bug, please let us know via the feedback button in the app or email us at

What are the future plans of Abel?

We are currently available in Amsterdam and from/ to Schiphol Airport. Of course, our plans are big, but everything step by step.

What is Abel?

Abel is a taxi service that enables you to travel around the city in a comfortable, economical and sustainable manner, while providing a unique experience filled with surprising encounters.  With Abel you book a seat, not a car. This gives you the option to share your ride with others. Sharing the ride makes it possible to travel for lower costs since you also share the fare. And, it’s more fun!

When can I book Abel?

You can book Abel from 07u00 in the morning until 01u30 at night, every day of the week. On Friday & Saturday night you can book until 04u00 at night.

Who are the shareholders of Abel?

Abel is an independent company. Transdev Netherlands (owner of Connexxion) is our investor.

Who work for Abel?

Right now we are with a small team. We make use of the services of Code & Coding and Connexxion’s IT department also lends us a hand. We are always looking for good people! Check  ‘Jobs’ for more information.

Why would I travel together with other passengers?

When you choose to travel with other passengers, you do not only save on your fare, it also gives you a chance to experience surprising encounters.

Why would I use Abel when I can use other ways of transport (like a bicycle)?

Sometimes public transport or a bike is just not as fast, comfortable and safe. So book Abel for example when it rains, when it’s freezing, when it’s too far away to bike, when it’s late at night, when you are carrying luggage with you or when you go to Schiphol Airport.

With how many travelers can I book Abel?

You can book Abel for one passenger; two passengers or a private car (up to 4 passengers). When you are with one or two persons, chances are that you share your ride with others. In this case, there will be a maximum of 3 persons (excl. driver) sitting in the car.


Can I bring my infant?

Of course! To ride a taxi with children under 3 years, it is not mandatory to use an infant car seat. However, we strongly recommend to use one (or a Maxi Cosi) for your own security. All our cars have isofix fittings, so if you bring your own Maxi Cosi you can buckle up your baby securely. If you bring your infant in a Maxi Cosi, please book 2 seats; 1 for you and 1 for your infant.

Can I travel without other passengers?

Certainly. In this case, please make a private car booking instead a booking for one or two persons.

How can Abel be cheaper than regular taxi’s?

Combining your ride with other customers allows us to fill the seats in our vehicles better than a regular taxi can. Doing this, the costs of the drivers, vehicles, fuel and insurance are split among more passengers, resulting in a lower fare.

How can I add a promo code in the Abel app?

When you receive a promo code you can add this to your account before you book a trip. When you click the three stripes in the top left corner, a menu unfolds. In this menu you can pick a tab called ‘Promotions’ this will take you to a new page where you will see ‘My discounts’. Clicking on this will once more take you to a new screen with a blank space where you can enter the promo code you received. The app will (depending on the code-specific settings) automatically use the code when booking your next trip.

How can onward and return journeys have different fares?

It is possible that the fare of onward and return journeys are somewhat different, for example because of one-way roads or roundabouts (a quarter versus three quarters).

How is the sequence of pickup & drop off determined?

Route planning is based on both the flexibility of the travellers as the departure and arrival location of all travelers. This ensures an optimal planning.

I have not booked through the app, but would like to board Abel. Is that possible?

You can only book Abel through the app.

I want to travel with four passengers, is that possible?

Yes this is possible if you book a private car. There’s room for 3 people in the backseat and 1 in the front.

I want to travel with more than four passengers at once, is that possible?

Absolutely, but not in the same vehicle. Abel only takes a maximum of 4 passengers.

I would like to make a booking in advance (for example one day), can I?

You can (currently) only book Abel on demand when you want to use it instantly.

In which area can I book Abel?

Abel is currently available in:
– Amsterdam (zip codes 1000-1109, incl. Amsterdam-Zuidoost & Driemond)
– Diemen (zip codes 1110-1113)
– Ouder-Amstel (zip codes 1114-1115 & 1190-1191, incl. Amsterdam Duivendrecht, Duivendrecht and Ouderkerk)
– Schiphol (zip codes 1117-1118)
– Schiphol-Rijk (zip code 1119)
– Badhoevedorp (zip codes 1170-1171)
– Lijnden (zip code 1175)
– De Hoek & a small area of Hoofddorp (zip code 2132)
– Amstelveen (zip codes 1180-1189)
– Weesp (zip codes 1380-1384)

What are the fares of a ride with Abel?

You pay €2.50 per person per trip (€7.50 for the whole car) and an additional €1 to €2 per kilometer depending on how much you are in a hurry.

What information do you need and what will you use it for?

If you use our app and our services we register the following personal information for securing our quality standards: name, email, telephone and postal address, gender, birth date, payment and credit card information. We handle your personal information in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

When I register my credit card, there is a reservation made on my credit card by Adyen. Why is that?

That is an advance reservation to check if the registered credit card is valid. It is not an actual payment: within 7 days the reserved amount of €0,00 is cancelled. Adyen is stated because this is the company handling our payments. When you register an AMEX card, there is an amount reserved of €1,00. This reservation is also temporary and will be cancelled within 7 days.

When we book separately, do we still share a car?

Possibly, but not necessarily. Our algorithm does not take your social network into account. Therefore, it may happen that you are picked up by different vehicles as it is more efficient in our algorithm. If you want to travel together, book together from the same pick up location.

Why is my house number not recognized in the ‘auto complete’ feature in the app?

We make use of Google Places for ‘autocomplete’. It often helps if you add “, Amsterdam” behind your address with house number.

Why is the promo code I tried to add to my account not accepted?

The majority of the promo codes can be used solely at your first ride. You can share your personal promo code with your friends & family who haven’t used Abel before. In that case you will receive both a free ride.

Pick up

Can I bring a pet or guide dog?

A guide dog can come along, but must sit on the floor and not on the seat. The driver may ask other pets to be packed in a bench that is up to 47x73x34cm.

How long will the driver wait for me if I’m not there yet?

The driver will call you if you’re not there yet when he arrives. Because we also make commitments to other travelers on their pickup & drop-off time, the driver is allowed to leave after one minute. Your ride will then be canceled by the driver, which involves a penalty fee for you for the no-show. If the driver is late (after the pick-up period), you won’t be charged.

How much luggage can I bring?

You can bring luggage that does not exceed the maximum size of a regular suitcase (47x73x34cm). If you wish to bring more baggage, book for an extra person.

I would like to get in at Schiphol Airport, where do I stand to be picked up?

If you want to be picked up at Schiphol Airport, go to Departure Hall 2. The driver will pick you up outside.

The ride

How do you deal with unacceptable behavior from a fellow traveler?

Our drivers always do their best efforts to make your journey as safe and comfortable as possible. In case of inappropriate behavior, the driver will ask the person to leave the vehicle. Our team will also be notified, so we can exclude the traveler from our services, if necessary.

How do you guarantee that I will be picked up on time and will arrive on time at destination?

We take the expected traffic situation into account for our planning. However, traffic can sometimes be unpredictable, leading to unforeseen delays. We therefore cannot make guarantees, but we will do our very best to get you as quickly as possible to your destination.

How do I avoid detours for picking up other passengers during my ride?

If you book a private vehicle you will be driven straight to your destination without detours.

Drop off

Can we split the bill?

The person that placed the booking will be charged. If you want to split the bill, you need to arrange this among yourselves.

How do you deal with cancellations?

You can cancel a ride from the moment you made a booking until you are being picked up. Canceling is free in the first two minutes after booking. After that, we charge 70% of the fare with a maximum amount of €5,00. If the driver is late (arrives after the pick-up time window), you can cancel and you won’t be charged.

I have a suggestion or complaint. Where can I drop this?

We like to hear your feedback, whether it is positive or negative. You can give your feedback in the app or send us an email on We take feedback seriously and it will be handled very carefully.

I would like to tip the driver, is that allowed?

If you’re excited about a driver and you would like to tip him (next to giving positive feedback in the app), that’s of course possible.

I would like to travel with the same driver as last time, is that possible?

Because we are always looking for optimal planning, it is not possible to select the same driver. Fortunately, all drivers from Abel are great!


Are your drivers self-employed?

We have both drivers that are employed by our franchisees, as drivers who are self-employed. Some of these entrepreneurs work together in a single legal entity, others independently as a freelancer.

Do you only make use of electric vehicles?

Yes, electric transport is the future. Beyond that it is good for the environment and it makes your ride more comfortable.

How can I be sure the drivers receive a fair income?

The more journeys are made, the better we can combine rides. Combining trips is both good for the traveler (as it allows us to offer a low price) and the driver (for better utilization of the seats in the vehicle and thus more revenue).

I also see vehicles driving around that are not branded with a logo, is that possible?

All our vehicles have at least a visible Abel logo on the side of the car.