a ride you
want to share

Abel is een nieuwe taxi dienst die je kunt boeken via de Abel app, betaalbaar omdat je de rit kunt delen met andere passagiers. De taxi service is beschikbaar in Amsterdam en Schiphol

Abel is a new taxi service to travel around in Amsterdam in a comfortable, economical and sustainable manner.

By means of the user-friendly app you can indicate where you want to be picked up and whether you want to share your ride with other passengers. The more flexible you are, the lower your costs.

Abel is more fun, social and affordable

Other than you’re usual A to B transport services, Abel offers you the option to share your ride with other passengers. This way, your fares are lower and your ride more pleasant!

A ride you want to share



Travel comfortable & cheap
from A to B

Via de Abel app kun je direct een rit boeken. Je geeft aan wat je bestemming is en met hoeveel reizigers je bent en of je de rit wilt gaan delen. Hoe flexibeler je bent, hoe goedkoper de ritprijs wordt

  • Social and personal

    Social and personal

    A ride with Abel is shared with up to three other travellers. Thus, spontaneous encounters arise that might not occur otherwise.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Environmentally friendly

    Abel only drives electric vehicles, to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

  • Safe & Secure

    Safe & Secure

    Our drivers ensure that you are transported safely from A to B. They drive securely and your safety is first.

  • Never pay too much

    Never pay too much

    During your booking the exact fare will be shown. This is your final price. You will not face any surprises afterwards.


The fare price is determined by the distance, desired arrival time and willingness to share a ride with others

Let us know per ride how flexible you are with your time. The more time you have, the more buffer there is for us to combine your trip with other travellers.

By sharing your ride with others, you not only save on your fare, it also becomes more social.

Abel - iPhone
Abel - iPhone

With Abel you travel with the comfort and speed of a taxi, but at the fare that is between a regular taxi and public transport

Abel is a smart and affordable alternative to today's often crowded public transport services and the pricy regular taxi services. With Abel you are no longer dependent on an itinerary and it enables you to travel from A to B in a comfortable and economical way.

Traveller costs


The ease and convenience
of door-to-door transport
at an affordable price

Anders dan bij een reguliere taxi betaal je niet voor de minuten, maar enkel het instaptarief en de kosten van de afstand per kilometer

het openbaar vervoer gaat volgens een vaste dienstregeling en is niet van deur tot deur

Met Abel reis je met het comfort van een taxi maar is de ritprijs een stuk goedkoper wanneer de rit gaat delen met andere passagiers

How does this app work?

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Cashless payment through the app

Abel's service is accessible via our app, available for Apple in the Appstore and for Android in the Google Play store.

Paying is easy and can be done by credit card, direct debit or PayPal. Register a payment method and your payment is automatically controlled through the app; no hassle with payments after your ride. Download the app now and jump on board!

Do you want to be a driver for Abel?

Abel is available for Amsterdam &
Schiphol Airport


“How did you meet?
In Abel, we shared a ride together.
Isn’t that nice, guys?”


“Great enthusiasm for shared cab rides”


“Different from Uber the fare doesn’t increase at busy moments,
instead you can choose to share your ride”